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About Urban Bands

About Urban Bands

Welcome to Urban Bands

It is our goal to unite Event Planners with Professional musicians. We strive to make booking and promoting musicians a simple task.

The Support Musicians Team

Chris - I'm the web developer/programmer guy. If something is broke, or unfinished, it's probably my fault. But hey, I have to go to the bar sometimes too!

Brad - Brad is responsible for the newsletter and promotion. If there are not enough bands in the database, blame him. It means he needs to go to the bar more.

Geno - aka The Governor. Geno has made all the banner ads for SupportMusicians. Be sure to place one at your site.

Johnny K - John is actually the base player for Big Noise in the Corner, one of my favorite local cover bands. He made the cool SupportMusicians logos and other graphics throughout the site.